• 18 Feb, 2019

    3 Minutes

    International Board of Advisers established

    The PM Glynn Institute is pleased to announce the establishment of its International Board of Advisers. This board is made up of eleven distinguished members from North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and will serve as an important resource for the work of the PM Glynn Institute.

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  • 24 Sep, 2018

    2 Minutes

    Is God Dead in the West? A discussion of Greg Sheridan's new book

    Is God dead in the West? How is He faring in Australia? As Greg Sheridan shows in his new book God is Good for You: A defence of Christianity in troubled times, these are important questions both for Christians and the rest of the community. Please join Greg in conversation with Virginia Bourke on 9 October at the Cardinal Knox Centre, Melbourne.

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  • 24 Sep, 2018

    30 Minutes

    Restoring ethics and faith in politics: radio interview with Andrew West

    The Institute's Principal Policy Advisor, Damien Freeman and the Sir Peter Lawler Visiting Fellow, Dr Adrian Pabst recently sat down with Andrew West from the ABC's Religion and Ethics Report to discuss their work at the Institute. The program ran on 19 September and discussed Damien's work on conservatism within the Australian Liberal Party and Adrian's work on Catholic Social Teaching within the Labor tradition.

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  • 28 Aug, 2018

    50 Minutes

    The 2018 PM Glynn Lecture by Dr Jesse Noman MP

    On 9 April, the second PM Glynn Lecture on Religion, Law and Public Life was held in the Crypt at St Mary's Cathedral. The lecture was delivered by Dr Jesse Norman MP on the topic the Moral Basis of a Commercial Society.

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  • 26 Jun, 2018

    10 Minutes

    Upholding the Big Ideas launch

    Former High Court judge Michael Kirby has joined with Noel Pearson, Rachel Perkins and ACU's Vice-Chancellor and President Greg Craven to launch 'Upholding the Big Ideas', a set of proposals that outlines how the Constitution could ensure that Parliament hears Indigenous voices. These proposals demonstrate how we could make good the call at Uluru last year to empower Indigenous people from regions across Australia to have a say about the laws and policies that affect them.

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